Industrial masks
Master all your competencies. Outsource the peripheral.

The most successful companies are those concentrating the human, financial and technology resources on their core business. While they master all of their competencies, they trust a network of partners for peripheral missions, bringing them rapid, creative and cost effective solutions.

LEAP engine
The right references.

LESCAV collaborates with all major airspace players and is associated with the development of solutions for the new LEAP engines. Although our core experience is with the airspace industry, our know-how is applicable to other industrial markets where protection of parts during treatment is critical.

EN 9100 and ISO 9001 certifications

Our experience, the precision of our approach, the mastering and efficiency in our processes, our continuous progress and management of our quality controls, allows us to be certified EN 9100 and ISO 9001.


Aerospace technology
Technical competencies

Our engineers apply their know-how to each of our projects, to provide innovative solutions. Their resourceful skills bring cutting edge answers to complex problems. A prototype phase is generally followed by a short run or full-blown production rate.

Aeronautic technology
Caring for details.

The aerospace industry requires components of irreproachable quality and reliability, as a result of know-how, constant care for details, rigorous processes, and strict quality controls. These are a constant part of LESCAV’s values, along with creativity and continuous progress.